Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cara MakeUp Natural seperti ga pakai kosmetik

Hi girlz......Ga suka make up yang menor dan aneh-aneh? Merasa ga PD atau malu?
Yuuuk, kita sama-sama mencoba make up yang transparan dan ringan ini.
Kuncinya adalah : Kita tetep pakai kosmetik, supaya sinar UV tidak merusak wajah kita dan menambahkan tanda-tanda penuaan kulit lho...

How to do "No Makeup" Makeup
Here is a 'Barely there/No makeup' makeup for you guys! Looking like a radiant natural beauty never goes out of style (even though you are actually really wearing makeup lol).

Ofc being natural is wearing no makeup. This is just a tutorial on perfecting that flawless natural look WITH makeup. It's very popular trend with Korean actresses and through these methods- they appear fresh, youthful and radiant. They look like they aren't wearing much makeup but ofc they are!

Looking fresh faced and natural is very popular in Asia. I used to wonder how do these women look so freaking flawless. It's all about smart high lighting and soft application of makeup.

Instead of adding colour/mood into your face. It's simply enhancing features of your face.

Of course you can say 'Why not just wear nothing on your face then? Surely that's natural!!' but not all of us can walk out and look flawless. So this look is really just correcting flaws so you should still look like yourself- just a bit more enhanced.

I feel this look will cause a lot of controversy about ppl like to exaggerate and bend situations. I don't wear makeup everyday. This is simply the korean celeb inspired look. Take it or leave it. Yessie? =P

Wearing this look makes me look more awake than full face makeup (eyeshadows, lipstick, gloss, etc) because some eyeshadows can make the eyes look yellow/dull.

Note! This look was filmed really quickly. BB creams require time to adjust into skin tone which is why my face appears slightly lighter.

I made a similar vid back then. I wasn't too happy with it because quality was poor and it didn't look as 'natural' as this one did.

Hope you guys are having an awesome 2011 so far!
Much love

(Adapted from Youtube-Bubbi... Thx Bubbi, I love your artikle)

행운을 빌어요
(haeng-un-eul bil-eoyo)
Good Luck
Selamat Mencoba

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